Studio Vincent Eschalier

Paris, France. Jan-Apr 2017

SVE is a fast-paced, young firm based in the heart of Paris. The design philosophy focuses on relationships, with the client, with the contractors, with the context, and with each other. Every project is within Paris and the banlieus enabling frequent site visits and close relationships with all collaborators. The studio works on retrofits and interiors as much as new buildings, in residential, commercial, and corporate projects. By pushing innovation against the limits of restrictive Parisian zoning and codes, SVE delivers beautiful and simple projects quickly and on budget.

My work at Studio Vincent Eschalier was exclusively in French and with French collaborators. I worked on two apartment rehabilitations and a new Patisserie. Across these three, I had the opportunity to design layouts, wall decorations, details, and furniture. My work spanned all phases of design and involved drafting, detailing, visualizing, and all client and site meetings.

At SVE I learned to use Sketchup and improved my ability with CAD and V-Ray. This internship taught me the importance of good general and time management, and of a positive office dynamic. By working so closely withall our collaborators I deepened my understanding of the symphony of parts that make architecture. By working in a foreign language and culure, I deepend my understanding of architecture internationally.