Atelier Chang

London, England. May-August 2015

Atelier Chang is an award-winning international design practice based in South Kensington, London. The design philosophy is to create innovative design through dedicated research into context, materials, and technology. By focusing on the unembellished basics of nature, society, and urbanism, Atelier Chang strives to achieve the most simple and impactful forms. The studio works on projects in Asia and Europe at multiple scales of design, covering masterplans, architecture, interior design, installations, and products.

My work here included a disaster relief shelter, an apartment renovation, and a lighting installation design alongside, a masterplan, and several resorts. Along with the other three studio members, all contractos, I worked highly independently on all drawings and designs.

At Atelier Chang I learned to use Rhino and Grashopper effectively in a work flow as well as practicing CAD and Photoshop. This internship taught me how to take an uncompromising approach to good design and to adapt to unfamiliar working environments. Guided by the astute aesthetic sense of Soohyun Chang I produced some of my proudest internship work.