4A Studio, 2016

Cross Stitch is a mixed use civic, commercial, and residential project aiming to dynamically connect Rome's Tuscolano suburb with the adjacent Aquaduct park. Using a simple ribbon building and subtle landscaping moves, we define four distinct public spaces that respond to and empody the surrounding urban and park environments.

The four plazas provide outdoor public space and are designed so the park invades the city and the city invades the park. The residential and ruins plazas create more intimate, private atmospheres, while the market and rooftop park provide open and expansive public spaces.

Our 'urban' and 'park' acades are distinguised using cool and warm coloured finishes which help define the character of the spaces they surround. The two sides are stitched by the careful placement of punctures through the building which act as common spaces and access points. Paired with the residential access cores, these common spaces also animate the vertical circulation and relate the upper levels to the surroundings.

Programmatically an conceptually, the project attempts to 'stitch' together the existing community with the influx of refugees by mixing hostel and semi-permanent apartment alongside the permanent housing.

This project was completed in parallel with travelling and studying ancient and modern Italian Urban History during a study abroad term in Rome.