A Chair for Isaac Asimov

The Asimov Chair is designed to capture steam punk, techno-optimism of the space age and the innovative, free-spirited, and freethinking energy of the author Isaac Asimov's science fiction writing. We drew on Asimov's to epic, imaginative, and fun Foundation series to design a wild and fun chair. Our pursuit of excitement resulted in two dynamic modes of sitting: Orbit Mode, a simulation of the disorientation of space, and Spin Mode, a simulation of satellites' motion.

In the spirit of science fiction, we pursued a robust, scrappy, and engineering aesthetic. Anticipating building the chair, we designed it to be cut entirely by CNC router from common carpentry store materials. Including all the test and final materials and manufacturing, the chair cost about $350CAD. Rather than buying expensive wood and crafting minute details we invested as much time as possible in developments, tests, and iterations to capture an exciting idea.

The Chair Project is a design-build project to create a chair inspired by a famous client. My partner and I chose the Space-Age science fiction epic writer Isaac Asimov as our client for hi inspirational writing and populist humanist outlook. His and imagination and ambition, passion for science, and penchant for world-building were the guiding energy for this ambitious, dynamic and fun chair.